This is a collection of stories which portrays young boys taking on adult responsibilities due to family hardship and crises. Their lives unfold against the backdrop of wars and economic stresses of the 1940s, '50s, and into the '60s.

The stories in the collection entitled Woodfiber Dreams and Other Tales bear witness to the loss of innocence when the young characters see their families confronted with and affected by forces of nature and world events beyond their control.

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News and Events

News and Events Red Line

Publishing News

The Recruit has appeared in German as Werben um Rick in a German language anthologie, Querschnitte from Novumverlag Austria, September 1, 2009

Solstice-52 appeared in the anthology, Mosaics, in paper published by Bridge House Publishing, UK, August 1, 2010

Razor’s Edge appeared in the Spring Issue, 2012 Anthology of 221B Magazine, UK


Awards Red HR

Contest Finalist

Lost and Found - Phish Publications competition, September, 9, 2006 Long List

Nice Dog - The Word Hut competition Short List, March, 2012

Interview on Writers’ Showcase - Meet the Writer; New York Minute posted on website

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Novumverlag Austria, Querschnitte Anthology, paper 9-1-09 Werben um Rick

Bridge House Publishing of 15, Chapel town Road, Radcliff, M26 1YF ("the publisher") Solstice-1952 August 1, 2010

Red Ochre LiT Press Wild Caught, March, 2011

Pixelhose.com Dec. 13, 2011 Game On 

http://221Bmagazine.co.uk Razor’s Edge Spring, 2012 

The Word Hut competition shortlist March, 2012 Nice Dog; interview